• The Killers concert NOT what it seems. Kindly, be warned.
  • Sumerian student pillages New Trier’s grain and lentil supply
  • New Trier Steals Academic Integrity Policy from Loyola
  • Automotive Engineering creates minivan and I created an even mini-er van
  • IGSS Kids Hacky Sack with Grenade
Abby P

Abby P, Writer, Gourmet heirloom couch potato, north suburban flaneur

Abby is a professional procrastinator who can dodge any assignment thrown at her. She has recently become the coach of an Olympic goldfish training team which practices on the weekends in Bali. After graduating from the only university in Antarctica, Abby realized that she doesn’t like ice and is now pursuing a career in tropical gardening. In her free time, she can be found watching the daily farm report broadcast live from downstate Illinois or listening to Tuvan Throat Singing on Spotify. A seminal hostess and life of the party, Abby loves to have her friends over for Spam, sardines, and rum raisin ice cream sundaes while taking apart her home appliances to see how they work.

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