• School Therapist says, “Be better.”
  • New Trier Students Named "Most Humble" by Same New Trier Students
  • Students question origins of baby oil after learning about olive presses
  • State government installs more “no gun” stickers to protect students
  • Near Troo Noows Bans Speelchek
Max P

Max P, Unpredictable and tootsie-roll

Max’s accolades include: winner of the 2019 Wriders Guild Award, winner of the Stanley Cup, The Regional Biannual Ping Pong Championship semifinalist, participant in second-grade Little League Baseball tournament (green team), first man on the Sun, vegan (except for TGI Friday's), elephant dung shoveler, stay-at-home mom, felon, record holder for fastest time to crash a car, and certified loser.

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Max P