• “Devious Licks” peaks with students stealing any respect the school administrators had for them
  • Student feels more stressed after wasting time meditating to reduce stress
  • Administrator assigned to observe whether 85 minute periods are too long falls asleep during class lecture
  • New Trier improves diversity by rounding percentages
  • English class reading readings on how to write rereads to write right
  • Tornado Chaser finally catches up
  • How to save money on Melatonin by crying yourself to sleep instead
George M

George M, Living human person, adds the word funny to the beginning of nouns sometimes.

George is bad at everything he does, but some people don’t seem to understand so he says he’s humble and just goes with it. He eats two loaves of bread every Saturday and he understands that life is short and meaningless, and also everything after that is nothing. He avidly watches and rewatches the office every year on Netflix and now on Peacock (which is free by the way).

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George Miller