• October 13New Trier Goes Remote; Lunch Lines Somehow Remain
  • October 13Old Building Bathrooms deemed Historical Landmark
  • October 13Dance Day performance choreographed to Challah Talk

2020-2021 Staff

Brian Greenlees

Staff Writer

Brian is a human person.

Maggie von Dohlen


Hi! My name is Maggie. I am the editor-in-chief of the Near True News this year. I'm a senior and will be passing the torch to someone else next year, so I'll do what I can to bring the club to the ground this year. Don't touch...

Teddy Morgan

Gamer-in-residence, and probably other stuff

I call this outfit “Gamer Formal”

Cara Siebert


Cara has a THAC0 of 5.

Sofia Russick

Staff Artist

Sofia Russick is extremely cheerful!

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