New Trier Yelp Reviews


New Trier has been buzzing with student opinions as a new survey is passed around. Along with that New Trier has also been desperately trying to recruit new students for the next school year. In order to uncover students’ true feelings on life at New Trier, we turned to Yelp. Below are New Trier’s “Most Helpful” Yelp reviews.

5/5 “Highly recommended if you’re on a no sleep diet.”

1.5/5 “Good coffee, but too many kids.”

5/5 “Best place to get advice on white Jeep Wrangler purchases.”

0/5 “Honestly don’t understand why I gotta know that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.”

1/5 “Too many friends, not enough enemies.”

3.5/5 “Great staircase – worst bruises of my life!”

0/5 “Can’t get injured with a dodgeball in an overly competitive gym class.”

2.5/5 “We know how to invest but not how to do our taxes.”

4.5/5 “Best interactive Mean Girls experience you’ll ever get.”

5/5 “Best clown school around!”