Private Investigator Club Comes to the Rescue

New Club Helps You Revenge on Mean Teachers


Bad grades are no fun, especially if you totally didn’t deserve them. After all, gaming with the boys always comes first, so any failed assignments are completely out of your control. 

But, what if you could exact revenge on the teacher for not giving you an A on that “incomplete” essay that you had a month to write?  You might be interested in the New Trier Private Investigator Club! These courageous souls work diligently to expose the lives of “teachers” who enjoy inflicting homework, exams, and other forms of heinous learning onto their innocent students.  For just a small fee, the PI Club will uncover all your teachers’ secrets—including their home addresses! Now you can follow them home, sneak into their house, move things around, even draw a mustache on their face while they’re sleeping! (Of course, if they already have a mustache, then you’ll have to think of something else.  Or maybe, just do your homework.)