5 New Classes that Fulfill Your Graduation Requirements


New Trier requires too much from its students. Students are forced to choose between graduating or enjoying what they learn? They’ve had enough. After putting pressure on the Board of Education, students have finally gotten fun classes that fulfill their graduation requirements. We at the Near True News have chosen five of those new classes to highlight.

Marvel in Literature, Film, and Philosophy: This class will be a deep look into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically focusing on the evolution of social norms, artistry, and cruelty. We also examine the ethics and motivation behind some of the greatest powers in our world. To snap or not to snap? Was Civil War necessary or just a waste of three hours? Which Spider-Man interpretation is superior (there’s only one right answer). For this class you will be sure to get NO SPOILERS! (English/ Social Studies Credit)

Fine Art Appreciation: Our class will study works of art that have transcended history and become well known symbols. This exploration includes doing research on the art-historical background of each work, creating a Pinterest board dedicated to its appreciation, and creating a minimum of 15 Tik-Tok videos. Though great art is in the eye of the beholder, we will look at generally appreciated works such as Michelangelo’s David, Timothee Chalamet, the Sistine Chapel, (young) Leonardo DiCaprio, the Mona Lisa, Jason Mamoa, Starry Night, and Harry Styles. (Fine/Applied Art Credit)

English (Taylor’s Version): The class will take a deep look into storytelling in Taylor Swift’s work. The readings will include Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Red (Taylor’s Version), Lover, folklore, evermore, and anything else that will be owned by Taylor Swift. We will consider the psychology behind revenge, murder, telling someone to “calm down,” breakups, and love triangles. This class has emerged from popular demand and is likely to fill up in the next 13 minutes. (English Credit)

Veterinary Medicine: We have a deep focus on the personal connection between an animal and a human. We will go on many field trips to zoos, petting zoos, animal shelters, and farms. Each student will be given a pet for the year they must supervise and have with them at all times. New Trier doesn’t want to overload students with a busy academic schedule so this class is designed to teach no anatomy and have no tests. Required texts include Piggy and Gerald, Charlotte’s Web, Hear Bear Roar, the Berenstain Bears, and Animal Farm. (Physical Science Credit)

Athletic Excellence (Varsity athletes only!): We understand that many students at New Trier don’t have time to waste on playing pickleball or doing yoga with their rigorous sports schedules. This class offers everything our scholar-athletes need to succeed. They can practice their fundamentals, watch game footage, and have a teacher who will tell them their form is “looking good.” If they would prefer to rest their bodies, students can meet with their agents or make use of our cryogenic chamber or sauna. Whether you are good at kicking a ball or hitting a ball, this is the place for you. (KW Credit and a Nike sponsorship)