Senior Pranks Get Out of Hand


With the end of school approaching, New Trier’s seniors have begun a vicious campaign of senior pranks. These practical jokes are nothing to laugh about; the seniors have made it clear they have no regard for the safety and well-being of their peers. The following are just a few examples of the chaos that has ensued on campus.

Whispering in the Silent Room in the Library

Seniors have been caught speaking to each other in the school library’s “Silent Room.” Students are aware that the room is intended for students who wish to study quietly; however, the class of 2022 has not obeyed this rule. Their whispers are a massive distraction to the hardworking underclassmen, whose ability to achieve their dreams has been tossed to the wind. Teachers have noticed a decrease in test scores among one student since the interruptions began. Principal McMaffun says those guilty will not be allowed to attend the commencement ceremony. “Students need to understand that there are consequences to opening their loud mouths,” she says.

Deconstructing the Gates Gym

After millions of dollars were invested in the reconstruction of New Trier’s Gates Gymnasium, seniors ran a wrecking ball through it. While this isn’t the worst prank on the list, it demonstrates a weak school spirit that the staff does not particularly appreciate. Luckily, the school reports that they can fund a second reconstruction by canceling the new Wi-Fi installment, which teachers and students schoolwide agree was not truly necessary anyway.

Asking for So Many Toppings in Burritos that Cafeteria Workers are Unable to Close Them

Another example of seniors disrespecting staff occurred at lunch time one breezy Monday at New Trier High. On May 16th, senior Bo, of the well-respected Rito family, politely asked an unsuspecting cafeteria worker to assemble a burrito for him. What she did not know was that he planned to ask for seven different ingredients to be placed inside it. The tortilla reached maximum capacity at ingredient number five. The staff member, afraid to retaliate, continued to stuff the burrito. With the dish in taco formation, all the woman could do was hand Rito his already-collapsing lunch and pray his parents would not file a complaint. Such stressful encounters have already driven half of the cafeteria staff to resign. 


The pranks, especially in more recent weeks, have turned New Trier upside down. What was once a tranquil environment where students and teachers had the utmost respect for each other, has become a war zone. With chaos increasing after every “joke,” it is only a matter of time before New Trier as we know it will be gone forever.