10 Best Senior Projects!


Are you tired of doing work? Is that senioritis sinking in? Then look no further than the Senior Project! Just pick an activity you want to do instead of school work, slap it on a trifold, and you’re good to go! But what will you “research?” Consult this handy list of creative, but low-effort, ideas:

Code a dating app based on Sigmund Freud’s psychological discoveries.

Devise a college payment plan through extreme couponing.

Film a docu-series about exploring the New Trier basement.

Conduct a study to see how many sponges can be added to a sponge cake before it impacts the taste.

Explore all seven sins.

Improve the school fire alarm system to 50% accuracy.

Intern with a local grave digger without them knowing. 

Find X.

Provide Venmo accounts for those in need.

Become TikTok famous (over 100 followers).