Summer 2018: Now a Three Day Weekend!

Get ready for fun in the sun!


As the Construction project rages on, the board of administration has released their most recent schedule plans to our Near True News Reporters.

“We’re really excited about the new facilities that we are going to open up here at New Trier and finally end construction in 2097,” said New Trier Board member Steve Kline. “However, in the meantime there are a few tiny adjustments we’re going to have to make to students’ schedules in order to accommodate for this tiny, mildly intrusive, hardly even noticeable construction process.”

Some of these minor changes to your schedule next year include:

  • Finals in the summer before school even starts (so you don’t have to worry about taking them after break)
  • Early release on Thanksgiving Day
  • Late start on Black Friday
  • No religious holidays off (sorry, Christmas)
  • Instead of winter break, a series of 20 early releases
  • Summer will be a three day weekend
  • Spring break will be a week full of standardized testing

Students reacted to such schedule changes with elation. “Finally we won’t have to take finals after winter break, and who even likes summer anyway?” Sally Newport, a senior who will not at all be affected by this scheduling alterations, stated proudly to a Near True reporter.

When asked for his opinion on these scheduling changes, also a senior and total bro Mike Flanagan commented, “We need to knock out this whole weekend thing if we really want to make time for construction. We could go to school Sunday through Friday as far I’m concerned. Definitely not Saturdays, though…those are for the boys.”

Administration was excited to give our reporters a sneak peek at future miniscule scheduling adjustments as minor construction on the school increases from quiet murmur to a dull roar in the coming years.

“We’re in the planning stage of replacing the parking lots with an apartment complex for teachers and students so that they can be on campus the entire school year. This will reduce the time it takes to commute back and forth,” stated New Trier Administrative Scheduling Expert John McDonald. He continued by saying, “Having to go home at the end of every day and come back the next morning is a hassle for our students, and we understand that like no other high school administration does. I am excited to announce that the 2019-2020 school year will be one long day. Students will have the usual amount of classes (1500 hours approximately) over no more than 80 days”.

Director of Educational services, Wendy London, was in full support of the year long school day, “it will really help our students with content retention. If they never leave school, they won’t have time to forget what they learned, and from a scheduling perspective it’s a dream come true. Imagine starting in August and ending in mid November. Who wouldn’t want that? We are going to have to cancel all extracurriculars though. Oh, and sleep.”

Not all members of the New Trier community were excited by these recent changes. Felix McDaniels stated in a recent interview, “Due to the new schedule, I have Intro To Ceramics three periods in a row next year. I guess they’re doing construction on all the English and History Classrooms?”

When asked about these possible changes to individual student’s schedules, Wendy London responded with optimism. “We hope to not only plan our students’ schedules, but their careers, too! It’s just about what’s most convenient for our construction workers.”

New Trier’s construction project proves to be an efficient and exciting one. Student alliance president Ronald Drump voiced his enthusiasm in saying that he will advocate for new amenities in the school to improve student life, including a shortened schedule on alternating April 29ths.