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Worst Use of Geometry–“Melted Legos”

October 26, 2020

Melted Legos

Melted Legos

Let’s take a look at this painting from the third floor computer lab. It is, at best, processed garbage, and at worst, unprocessed garbage.

It consists of a chromatid (that’s half of a chromosome, for those of you who failed Bio), the letter T, and a variety of misshapen graham crackers. I have to stare at this forsaken “painting” every single Tues-day for two hours, and all it does is make me believe even less in the concept of an art degree. Half of it consists of a pink smear and the other half is discombobulated shapes that are supposed to make you “feel something” but really just pisses you off since your third grade art teacher told you that you had no talent. To put it simply, it looks like someone drove over the painting with snow tires.

If I were judging based on Comfort Inn art standards, this would make Leonardo da Vinci drink some bleach because he could never top it. But this is an educational institution that is supposed to inspire children, so this “painting” is a certified desecration. I don’t care if “Napkin” comes for me; I’m speaking out for human rights.

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