• Baby left on doorstep of child growth and development class
  • Students Discover “Low Busywork” Teacher of 3 Months Actually Cardboard Cutout
  • Celebrity Guest Disappoints Crowd of Yo-Yo Enthusiasts with Lame Cello Performance
  • Custodians Go Too Far: School Now Gone
  • Dislexea Tetsing in Nusre’s Ofice
  • Teacher ditches attendance policy meeting to make quick 7/11 run
  • Hungry Hungry Caterpillar added to sophomore curriculum as a great window into the rich culture of bugs
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Ask a Self-Certified “Nice Guy”

Ask a Self-Certified “Nice Guy”

A Nice Guy, For Real October 13, 2018

Q: How do I ask out a guy? A: Get him a classic Naruto VHS tape and bacon roses, that’s what all gentlemen like. Q: I wanna ask out my crush but I’m so nervous! A: Ask if she’d wanna go to your...

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