• School Therapist says, “Be better.”
  • New Trier Students Named "Most Humble" by Same New Trier Students
  • Students question origins of baby oil after learning about olive presses
  • State government installs more “no gun” stickers to protect students
  • Near Troo Noows Bans Speelchek
Anwyn L

Anwyn L, SoundCloud rap album critic

Anwyn, elusive member of society and author of several critically-acclaimed nonfiction novels “Testing Every Single Crayola Marker Color” and “Dented Water Bottles: An Overlook”, possibly lives in your mom’s house with a cat or two. They reportedly enjoy consuming beverages with dihydrogen monoxide and enjoy eating food with carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acid content, just like every human being. Her next works remain unscrutinized by the public eye and will be released as a ten-part saga in the year 2133.

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Anwyn L