• New Trier Aims to Preserve History with Time Capsule Filled to the Brim with Liquid Nitrogen, Body Parts
  • One Stop Trev Shop Hides 5 Golden Tickets No One Will Look For
  • Teacher Imagines Students Laughing, Applauding at Joke Made on Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Student has yet to close parenthesis opened long ago, rendering past years an afterthought
  • Teachers Will No Longer Accept Bribes
  • Four-year KW requirement prevents young genius from graduating early
  • 94-Years-Young Substitute Teacher Tunes to HDMI-3 on First Try!
  • Volcano Erupts Beneath School; Administrators Recommend Leaving Home Earlier
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9 things I Love About Sigmund Freud 

9 things I Love About Sigmund Freud 

Shirley X and Tyler W April 5, 2023

The Oedipus Complex: Something about it is just so quaint. It also upholds wholesome family values. His glasses: Blindness is an affliction that appeals to me. His beard: Its luscious...

Stapleless staples spark widespread debate

Stapleless staples spark widespread debate

Tyler W., Biology Club co-founder, guest writer May 31, 2022

Under the widespread chaos of abortion-rights debates, war in Ukraine, and the labyrinth of spatially disorienting KW basement pathways, there is a lesser-known, but no less influential, part of the madness...

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