• 94-Years-Young Substitute Teacher Tunes to HDMI-3 on First Try!
  • Volcano Erupts Beneath School; Administrators Recommend Leaving Home Earlier
  • Lincoln’s Final Letters Reveal Wishes for Big Big Big Chair
  • Scientists Terrified to Discover Astrology Fake
  • Honesty No Longer Best Policy
  • Cooking Classes Will No Longer Be Taught By Eminem’s Mom
  • Women’s Construction Club Breaks Glass Ceiling in Major Sledgehammer Accident
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Sign up for the Sacrificial Games®!

Sign up for the Sacrificial Games®!

Xiaotian S January 25, 2022

Get ready for the annual Sacrificial Games®! Each year, thousands of students participate in this exciting competition to see how much time they can sacrifice for their academic and extracurricular activities.  Basic...

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