10 things to do during an 85-minute free period


Let’s face it: Sometimes your teacher doesn’t plan enough to fill an 85-minute block.  But we’ve got you covered!  Try some of these techniques next time you’re stuck with too much time on your hands.

  1. Read approximately 47% of the Catcher in the Rye.
  2. Traverse the 567 miles between the classroom of your last period to that of your next.
  3. Do one (1) synthetic division problem.
  4. Wait in line at the coffee bar.
  5. Walk up one flight of the main stairs or down two flights.
  6. Locate soap dispensers stolen as a result of the Devious Licks challenge—maybe you’ll earn a reward!
  7. Try to seduce food out of the vending machines in the scrounge.
  8. Listen to a librarian explain the entire Dewey Decimal System. Bring a blanket and a sleeping mask.
  9. Cook a whole rotisserie chicken in the culinary court.
  10. Search for crumbs on the library carpet and try to locate the culprit.