• School Therapist says, “Be better.”
  • New Trier Students Named "Most Humble" by Same New Trier Students
  • Students question origins of baby oil after learning about olive presses
  • State government installs more “no gun” stickers to protect students
  • Near Troo Noows Bans Speelchek
Nicolle B, Co-Editor

Nicolle B, Co-Editor, wicked witch

Coven leader and reviled spinster, Nicolle is instantly recognizable by the dark shadow she casts in any room she walks into. When not cursing youthful protagonists or concocting hallucinogenic brews, she can be found babysitting gremlins, polishing her cauldron, or enchanting frogs (her role at the newspaper). Fun fact: Nicolle’s last name cannot be shared because it is actually an ancient Latin hex!

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The Satirical Student Newspaper of New Trier
Nicolle B, Co-Editor