• New Trier Aims to Preserve History with Time Capsule Filled to the Brim with Liquid Nitrogen, Body Parts
  • One Stop Trev Shop Hides 5 Golden Tickets No One Will Look For
  • Teacher Imagines Students Laughing, Applauding at Joke Made on Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Student has yet to close parenthesis opened long ago, rendering past years an afterthought
  • Teachers Will No Longer Accept Bribes
  • Four-year KW requirement prevents young genius from graduating early
  • 94-Years-Young Substitute Teacher Tunes to HDMI-3 on First Try!
  • Volcano Erupts Beneath School; Administrators Recommend Leaving Home Earlier
Riley K

Riley K, pogo stick, unhinged door

Riley is a timid, ineffectual student who cannot make even the slightest effort to compose a staff profile or contribute a picture, and thus, here we are.

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What was your experience of the Spooky Scrounge?

What was your experience of the Spooky Scrounge?

Riley K November 30, 2022

Although Thanksgiving is just behind us and the winter holidays are just around the corner, the New Trier News found that students still have Halloween on their minds. As a result, we asked students about...

Top New Trier Alumni Career Paths

Top New Trier Alumni Career Paths

Nicolle Bokiess and Riley Kramer November 2, 2021

As a part of its outreach to New Trier students and families, the Alumni Alliance Center has polled former Trevians from the last 25 graduating classes to determine the most popular career paths. Below...

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Riley K