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Worst Visual Offence–“This is Your Body on the Devil’s Grass”

October 26, 2020

Worst Visual Offence--“This is Your Body on the Devil’s Grass”

Hey, do you like Venus fly traps? Do you like making your eyes bleed? This painting gives you both of these things together like a caloric two-for-one Wendy’s special, and makes you hate yourself. It has promiscuous lips (What are they implying? Little minx). It’s got a hand that is stealing the classic Italian hand gesture (that isn’t your culture sweetie!). It’s got a foot (sometimes paintings need to be kink-shamed). Most importantly, it’s a plant and plants don’t have any of these things! Cabbage Patch Kids can have hands and mouths, but not this nightmare. I don’t make the rules on what’s a health code violation, I just follow them.

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