Worst Classes at New Trier

  • Glass Art: We know it sounded cool, but a glob of potato-shaped glass is not art. You can’t call everything a paperweight.
  • Intro to Business: Let’s be honest, you don’t need this. Dad’s company is hiring you either way.
  • Outdoor Education: Can you really trust your classmates to belay you while scaling a cliff?
  • Dance at Dawn: Sunrise changes, but your start time doesn’t?  Lame.
  • AP Calculus: This class is pretty derivative… 
  • English: Seriously? This is a class? Everyone knows in 20 years we’ll all be speaking Portuguese.
  • Human Growth and Child Development: Absolutely useless. Look at yourself, you  turned out just fine.  
  • Chemistry: If you really want to break bad, there are easier ways.
  • Real World Cooking for Seniors: UberEats exists for a reason.
  • Geography: Two words: Google Maps.