Top 5 Graduation Presents


High school graduation is the culmination of years of hard work. All the sleepless nights and skipped lunch periods have led to this ultimate celebration of the New Trier class of 2023. The only thing that could possibly make graduation day any better is a heartfelt present. The Near True News has tested and assembled a list of the best gifts any senior could ask for.  

  1. A Personality: reinventing your persona every week isn’t sustainable after high school. Having a real personality will be a real game-changer when you’re off at college. 
  2. A Debt Tracker: paying for college can be overwhelming, but we promise it’s worth it. Every hundred thousand dollars you pay is an investment in your future joy. 
  3. A Journal: you’ll need somewhere to dump all your thoughts after graduation, since you’ll never see your friends again and will soon grow estranged from your family. 
  4. Caffeine Tolerance: why would you go to college if you won’t be downing espresso shots? With a higher tolerance, you can try more flavors. 
  5. Generational wealth: The key to success!