• The Killers concert NOT what it seems. Kindly, be warned.
  • Sumerian student pillages New Trier’s grain and lentil supply
  • New Trier Steals Academic Integrity Policy from Loyola
  • Automotive Engineering creates minivan and I created an even mini-er van
  • IGSS Kids Hacky Sack with Grenade
Caleb S

Caleb S, Sock puppet critic, anthill cartographer

More than just a paper enthusiast and wanted criminal in one country (Luxembourg), Caleb is a rampant lamp collector with a vendetta against lampshades. Casually fancy and outrageously reserved, nothing can escape his gravity well of thought which manifests itself upon sock puppet exhibitions and sometimes coherent works of writing, most of which is for English class; the rest make their home here.

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Caleb Sim