As New Trier Adopts “No Homework” Policy, Students Complain About Too Much Freetime


In a stunning move, the New Trier Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt a “no homework” policy, much to the outrage of students.

The policy, which would go into effect immediately, is designed to provide students with more free time, giving them the opportunity to pursue non-academic activities that would otherwise be an afterthought. The policy also seeks to reduce the amount of stress that students face on a daily basis, as well as encourage them to be more creative and engaged in their learning. 

Students are furious.

“Considering the little homework we are already given, there’s almost too much time to pursue my dreams,” said one student. “Also, more free time forces me to think critically of the world around me, and school is becoming more difficult as I am no longer ignorant of major institutional flaws.”

The Board is standing by the change.

“We believe that this policy will give students the opportunity to explore new interests and hobbies,” the Board announced in a statement. “It will also provide them with more time to spend with family and friends.” However, students are protesting the decision, claiming that they have too much free time already. 

Since the policy began, students have been staging walk-outs, and shortly afterwards, walk-ins. Some students have gone to the extreme of chaining themselves to the school building. 

Near True News reporters interviewed one of these demonstrators:

“Without the crushing stress of busywork, I might feel something like love or joy, and I’m simply not prepared for that.”

In response to these protests, the Board has called upon the police force to help control the crowds. However, spokespeople from the township police department have stated that they will not be able to provide enough security, as they are currently occupied with responding to the “Roller-Skating Movement” in Glencoe.

The Board is undeterred by these concerns, however, and the policy is set to go into effect in the coming weeks. It remains to be seen how students will adjust to the new normal, but for now, it appears that New Trier students are unanimous in their disapproval of this policy.