Most Popular Zoom Waiting Room Activities


We know this is a stressful time, so in an effort to give families the illusion of control over some small aspect of their lives, they can now choose to sing one of the following songs in Zoom waiting rooms:

  • Meow to the tune of “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Deon
  • Sing “American Pie” – all 8 minutes and 33 seconds
  • Spongebob intro song in your choice of Italian, Yiddish, or Gaelic
  • “COFFEE or Latte”
  • “Shake the Papaya Down”
  • “All I Want for Christmas is You,” in the pitch and key used by:
    a) Mariah Carey
    b) the kid in Love, Actually
  • “Такого как Путин (A man like Putin)”
  • “Into the Unknown,” in its native Norwegian
  • “Shake It Off,” backwards